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    A dream diary is a symbol of hidden secrets, memories and dreams. Such a dream is a good moment in your life to stop and reflect on your goals, and real feelings. A dream can also express a sense of resentment, guilt or regret; very often it is also an expression of memory of an event.
    having it - means looking for your place on earth
    writing a diary - is a way to open up to others and share your true feelings with the world
    reading someone else's diary - indicates a desire to find out more about the person you are dreaming of, maybe you have a romantic relationship with him or even a friendship
    reading your own diary - a sign that you will try to bend your past, and you will miss the truth just because you will shine in front of someone
    if someone is reading your diary - you probably have a secret or have a problem with telling others how you really feel
    purchase of a diary - heralds a new stage in your life
    discarded diary - most often means that if you cannot express your desires directly, you should understand that sooner or later inner emotions will start to build up in you and all hidden secrets will see the light of day
    burned diary - it is a sign that you want to forget about certain events in your life or remove some memories from your memory forever from the past
    old, dusty or damaged diary - old things will come to light after some intervention
    buried in the ground - with for somebody else you will feel very insecure
    if you give someone your diary - to refer for success you will have to go beyond your comfort zone.

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