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    The devil in a dream is a symbol of fear, limitations and negative aspects of himself. Alternatively, it represents intelligence, cleverness and deception.
    see the devil - you feel guilty; maybe it's finally time to get rid of negative feelings once and for all
    defeat the devil - success in the fight against the enemy
    listen or talk to the devil - announces temptations that will be difficult for you to resist
    scare him - despite being aware of the consequences certain actions you will go to a shameful act
    be the devil's friend - you will easily succumb to the influence of your close surroundings; someone may persuade you to do something that you do not necessarily want to
    the devil who attacks or threatens you - you will get involved in a scandal and suffer severe punishment for it
    be friends with the devil g> - be careful, because a certain person can turn out to be a great manipulator
    to see a black devil - you hide a feeling of guilt
    to see a red devil - you will succumb to the temptation knowing that it is not in your best interest.

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