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    A dream of despair foreshadows a period of trials or a time of humiliation. It symbolizes sadness, disappointment and betrayal. Despair in a dream is usually interpreted in the context of negative emotions appearing in the real world life.
    to see - you will be in a bad mood while others around you will be happy
    despair for yourself - the difficulties you will encounter in in your life they will make you a much stronger person
    to see someone in despair - you should not lean out in some matter, a tricky person is just waiting for your mistakes
    cry desperately - someone will help you achieve inner consolation
    console a despairing person - a man with a noble heart around you will need your help
    despair over death - you will overcome all difficulties that made it difficult for you to enter the new way of life
    despair over personal matters - adversities will make you worry about your future
    seeing a child in despair - you will be overwhelmed by the desire to fulfill your own fantasies, which will turn out to be impossible to achieve.

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