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    The dream in which the desk appears is a rare and unusual dream. According to the dream book, a desk is a prediction that receiving a great job offer also indicates the position that you will achieve in life. A dream about a desk can be both a blessing and a warning, it is also a symbol of family and professional life. A dream desk usually points to an unresolved problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Consider the appropriate course of action to relieve yourself of ongoing affliction as you consider your options. If you can see yourself studying at your desk it is always a good sign for the future.

Interpretation of a dream about a desk:

    If you dream that you are seeing or sitting at a desk, it is a sign that your fate will soon begin to weigh. So do not wait idly but look for a way out of the situation yourself.
    If you are sitting at your desk with someone in your dream, it is a sign that you lack faith in your own abilities.
    A desk standing in the middle of the room heralds sad moments, the death of a close family member or a difficult situation at the workplace.
    A wet desk in dream is a sign of change, all obstacles that stand in your way to your goal will be removed.
    A sinking desk is a dream foretelling the consequences or punishment for numerous past sins.
    The red desk is a harbinger of beautiful love. If you are elderly or married then you can expect a reawakening of your love for your partner. Red is the color of love and desire, so you can expect a romantic change in your life in the near future.
    A freshly painted desk symbolizes a person with a clean and lively mind in accordance with the dream book. It is a good sign and at the same time reveals the dreamer's healthy mental state. Senni says that with such a dream, one should not hesitate to make complex life decisions.
    A broken desk portends in dreams a difficult situation that the dreamer will soon have to face. The dream interpretation warns you to be vigilant and be careful what you are doing because people may start pointing their fingers at you and making you an unwanted guest in the company.
    According to the dream book, a cluttered desk is a message to set your life priorities and move towards them as soon as possible.
    A clean or freshly washed desk in dreams is a sign that you should think about finding more productive ways to spend your free time than before.
    If in your dreams you sit bored at your desk, it is an announcement that someone will persuade you to do something you want to do. So you should be more assertive and learn to say no to people in certain situations.

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