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    Depilation in dreams is a sign of the desire to soothe and get rid of what is unnecessary and useless in our lives.
    if you see someone waxing - you want a cleansing that will give you a better start in life and will improve your self-esteem
    depilation of the whole body - you will find the answer to the tormenting you questions, but not where you are looking for it
    depilation of legs - you will finally get rid of the difficulties that prevented you from moving to a higher level of existence
    depilation of hands - you have a problem that still bothers your head and you still can't forget about it
    bikini area depilation - you will experience an interesting adventure with a newly met person
    armpit depilation - you will feel better because you will distance yourself from personal matters that have previously caused you a lot of unnecessary annoyance
    mustache depilation - means that you will fall into someone's hair and even though you will try very hard, it will be difficult for you to regain your old favors
    waxing - this is a sign that you will feel intense despair and pain for someone else
    eyebrow depilation - it is a sign of low self-esteem or an expression of problems with partnerships.

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