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    A dream of leaving indicates that you are systematically following the beaten path. Moreover, it warns you not to make the same mistakes over and over again. In a negative sense, it may suggest that your life a mess has crept in.
    away - you will be overcome with the need to change the scenery in your life; maybe you feel exhausted and need some time just for yourself
    leave in a hurry - you want to get away from responsibility or responsibilities
    go abroad - in the near future you will encounter numerous obstacles that will distract you from achieving your goal
    business trip - you feel overwhelmed by everyday matters; the difficult period is best compensated by a bit of relaxation and freedom
    holiday trip - change announcement for the better
    plan a trip - you will find the right path in life
    a trip that did not materialize - things will not go as smooth as you expect
    a successful trip - a close person will give you a nice surprise
    departure in mass transport - you will manage to avoid the danger
    unsuccessful departure - warning against making a mistake in life.

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