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Degrade in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Degrading in a dream is a sign of deliberate malice or a lack of self-confidence.
    to humiliate someone - it is a sign that you will be embarrassed by someone
    humiliating someone from your family - you feel that nothing in your life depends on you, you live day by day like a victim of fate
    being humiliated by someone - means that you will finally come to terms with the past that hitherto significantly limited your development
    fear of humiliation - it is a sign that you are facing an important choice and you are afraid that the decision you make will turn out to be wrong
    humiliation by your superior - it means that you feel that you have no chance for further development in your current job, perhaps this is a good time to think about changing it
    witnessing the humiliation - it is an announcement that you will implement your own plans despite the different opinion of the environment and eventually you'll be fine.

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