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    Decline in dream is a symbol of unfulfilled hopes, lost plans and opportunities. Sleep occurs frequently in people who have lost a loved one in the past as a result of unpleasant circumstances. you cannot come to terms with the loss that still hurts you and causes you a lot of pain and bad memories. Perhaps the dream is the beginning of changes that will soon soothe your grief and wipe out the remorseful memories. After all, you cannot reproach yourself for what you did not do. they weren't necessarily just up to you. Blaming yourself for everything that was wrong won't fix anything or turn back time.
    losing someone - you'll have to come to terms with the loss again, who broke your heart in the past
    if it was someone who lost you - your fears towards a certain person will turn out to be completely unfounded
    loss of someone's trust - you are afraid to take no changes that will help you repair what was once destroyed
    lose your enthusiasm for work - sleep bodes problems related to your professional work
    lose your will to live - if you want to finally start living normally, you have to heal yourself of a toxic relationship with a certain person
    loss of memories - you will cancel everything with one decision or behavior which has been very important to you so far.

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