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Curry in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Curry in dreams most often refers to things that we are ready to put on the knife's edge. Perhaps reality makes us unable to accept the situation, we are in. The spiciness of everyday life likes to take its toll and we are not always able to react properly to the situation.
    if you see curry - it is a sign that your life is finally will take on flavor, you will come out of hiding and start enjoying your daily existence
    if you add them to dishes - it means that you will start to see everything in colorful colors, completely different than others, only such approach to life will allow you to maintain a proper balance and stabilization
    when you cannot get curry - be careful because lack of access to certain sources can cut you off from considerable financial gains
    scattered - augurs a life mess that will be difficult to find clean up
    curry rice - a sign that someone will welcome you with joy in their doorstep, you will surely experience a big surprise
    if you add too much - do not be afraid that you will be left alone on the battlefield, because you still have many allies on your side
    liquid curry - it is a sign of blurry dreams and desires that will probably never materialize.

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