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    The currants symbolize a lasting and successful relationship. A dream is about both love and friendship.
    seeing on the bush - make new friends with honest and honest people
    eat currants - thanks to a newly met person your feelings will now start to bloom again
    eat currants out of season - everything you counted on so much in your life will now be significantly delayed
    to grow currants out of season - sleep indicates insincerity and lack of fidelity in love relationship
    pick currants - thanks to innovative ideas you will achieve a small victory and you will manage to increase your wealth
    make currant juice - you are becoming more and more overwhelmed by the monotony of life, you should face new challenges that will start to be a source of variety for you
    currant juice - thoughts about the breakup may make you depressed
    blackcurrant - you will find new reserves of energy for life and you will start to enjoy good health
    red currant - you will return to an abandoned idea from years ago.

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