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Cure in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A cure reflects the willingness to find solutions to one's own problems and improve the current life situation. In a negative sense, it may indicate a lack of sufficient resources needed to obtain the best solution to the problem we are facing.
    to see - it bodes the end of unprofitable ventures and improvement in business
    take medicine - despite numerous obstacles you will catch up
    buy cure - the troubles you are currently experiencing will quickly pass
    bitter cure - someone will try to use you in some way
    see the cure - despite many perturbations in the long run everything will return to normal
    give somebody cure - some person will try to influence your decisions, happiness to no avail.
    give someone the wrong drug - you will meet a man who will try to manipulate you
    make it yourself - you do not have to consult other people in everything, you are able to solve your problems yourself
    heart medications - start taking more care of those who are kind and sympathetic to you.

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