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    A cupboard in a dream is most often a symbol of upcoming changes and interesting twists in life, it can also be a sign of difficult times. Furniture usually emphasizes the dreamer's needs and his visions and desires, they also symbolize family and home life.
    if you see a cupboard - you are probably hiding your emotions from other people for some reason
    packing lockers - is a sign that a close relationship will end soon
    new cupboard - heralds the development of new intellectual horizons or development in a certain area of ​​life
    broken cupboard - means the need to revive a certain situation or the need to go beyond the zone of old-fashioned traditions and habits; sleep very often also portends love elation
    a dilapidated cupboard - no a decision or your own opinion on an issue may be your undoing
    locker repair - means that your efforts will be appreciated or rewarded by someone
    if you buy a cabinet - it is a sign that you have a big problem poverty
    opening a cupboard - announces that you will reveal some hidden truth or secret
    closing a cupboard or putting something in it - means that there is something in your life that you are trying to hide
    painting the cabinet - it is a sign that your plans will be realized in the near future
    kitchen cabinet - a sign that you have plans to renovate, move or buy a property
    bathroom cabinet - a sign that you lack certain amenities in your life be afraid to give them up
    nightstand - reveals your desires for rest, harmony and regaining inner balance, maybe recently a lot has happened in your life
    heavy cabinet - is a sign of great difficulties and intellectual and sometimes material obstacles
    light cabinet - represents the dreamer's adaptability to new conditions, the possibility of changes and acceptance of any obligations
    dark cupboard - heralds temporary difficulties in life
    light cupboard - heralds a quiet period full of joy and blissful happiness
    a beautiful cupboard - is a harbinger of finding a safe haven in the dreamer's life
    sideboard - you will feel that you are left behind, it may be due to exhaustion, incurred debts or excess responsibilities
    chest of drawers - announces that after a long time, finally reconciliation dating someone
    antique cupboard - can mean a change of the current environment or a return to old acquaintances.

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