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Cup in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A cup in a dream is a symbol of love and healing.
    to see a cup - some acquaintance will be on rejuvenating effect for you
    cup with coffee - between work and home you will allow yourself a moment of relaxation
    drink from the cup - you will achieve emotional and spiritual stabilization in life
    wash the cup - you will go to a nice social meeting that will start lasting bonds
    a full cup - you will get into some intricate story that, fortunately for you, will have an optimistic ending
    half-empty cup - longing for a change of fate
    cup with broken handle - you are tormented by feelings of fear; think about solving the situation that gives you no peace
    break a cup - unresolved family problems will make themselves felt again
    bruised a cup - you will experience a feeling of helplessness, guilt or low self-esteem.

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