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    Cucumber appearing in a dream heralds the recovery of vital energy and convalescence; it is also a frequent sexual symbol in women's dreams. It is also a symbol of health and vitality. At work, you will regenerate your strength in the bosom of nature together with a loved one. The blissful scenery of beautiful nature, which you will have to deal with will stay in your memory for a long time.
    see the cucumber - you will regain your former energy and health
    eat - an unpleasant surprise awaits you
    plant cucumbers - hard work will not bring the desired results
    collect them - good prospects for the future
    immature - want to achieve too much at a young age
    sour - unpleasant experiences await you
    cucumber soup - many lovely moments await you in the near future
    withered, yellowed ęte - worries caused by concern for one's own existence.

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