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Crystal in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Crystal in a dream symbolizes purity, development and intuition. In a negative sense, it may indicate naivety or a lack of an objective view of the current affairs. making a mistake or struggling to make an obvious decision Sometimes the dream of a crystal is a bad omen of deteriorating relationships with loved ones.
    see - means unity and development; sleep is probably a metaphor for your life
    touch it - some things will crystallize over time and your life will finally take its real shape
    look for something in the crystal - you are looking for your own destiny and new perspectives for the future
    clean it - you will find your true calling
    beautiful flawless crystal - you will find your inner harmony and peace
    rock crystal - you will be able to break away from the gray landscape for a while reality
    a crystal that is a diamond - something inconspicuous to which you did not pay too much attention will turn out to be very valuable
    crystal ball - you are looking for tips or a guide
    crystal skull - you will learn new information about a certain situation, thanks to which you will become more credible to those around you.

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