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Crown in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The crown is interpreted as a sign of vanity, shallowness and imperiousness.
    to see - you should consider what is important to you
    wear it - you have the power or bask in your own achievements; you are aware of your talent and achievements
    see someone in the crown - you may be mocked
    golden crown - show extreme prudence
    silver crown - unexpectedly you will receive a gift
    crown of flowers - you live according to your beliefs it's good for you
    crown of leaves - your fate will change, unfortunately for the worse
    crown of thorns - testifies to your mental exhaustion
    plastic crown - sometimes you are characterized by incredible vanity
    damaged - be careful, you may lose your shell nurturing people
    from the bones of a deceased person - the announcement of health problems
    in the blood - bodes for anger and a hurried life.

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