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Croquettes in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Croquettes in dreams usually portend a favorable period in life, which should be used as soon as possible, they portend a meeting in a nice social circle, they are an expression of mutual care, hospitality and kindness. In a negative sense, croquettes are a sign of care and suffering, they are also a harbinger of difficult-to-solve matters that may have adverse consequences for the dreamer in the future.
    Eating croquettes in a dream is a sign that you will shift your responsibilities to others or that you will commit great indiscretion towards someone.
    When you see others eating croquettes, the dream foreshadows an invitation that you will unexpectedly receive from someone with whom you have little in common.
    Burnt croquettes in a dream herald unfavorable news that will have a big impact on your future and your relationship with a person close to your heart.
    Dreaming of croquettes that are broken or unpalatable means that your positive outlook on life will be put to the test, your joy and peace may be taken away from you forever.

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