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Dreaming of Crests: Symbolism & Interpretation

A dream about a crest signifies that you will enjoy a good reputation in your surroundings. People will have a positive attitude towards you and will support you in everything you do. Thanks to your untarnished image, you will improve your status and enjoy glory in the future. The sight of a crest symbolizes cultural and familial ties, and sometimes the dream also provides a sense of self-confidence and inner strength.

Family coat of arms

What does a crest symbolize in dreams?

According to dream interpretation, a crest is a symbol of dignity and respect for the surrounding world. It usually prompts deeper reflection on one's fate and past actions. Your creative work will prove to be a great gift, which may even become an additional source of income for you. Another interpretation of dreaming about a crest suggests that you will end a friendship with someone you have known all your life.

What does a city crest mean in dreams?

Such a dream indicates that someone will show you their honor. If you take such a request seriously, you will surely be able to fulfill your obligations properly. Tasks entrusted to you by friends will undoubtedly be executed excellently.

What significance does a lion on a crest have in dreams?

According to dream interpretation, a lion on a crest symbolizes showing respect to others and maintaining a good reputation, which needs to be nurtured. Only through hard work will you be able to prove to others that you are capable of much. Your well-being will now depend on your achievements. If you make a mistake, you will be given a second chance, so you won't break the relationships that have brought you happiness and hope for a better future.

What does dreaming of a crest on a flag mean?

A dream in which you see a crest on a flag signifies that you will be proud of your loved one. Such a dream may also indicate that you are not fully utilizing your potential or that you will regret frivolous spending.

What does a crest on a shield symbolize in dreams?

A crest on a shield symbolizes courage in the face of injustice. You may find yourself in a situation where you will have to defend your ideas, positions, or beliefs. Your perception of the world may slightly differ from that of others. Perhaps this will discourage you from listening to others and considering their arguments.

What does dreaming of destroying or burning a crest mean?

A dream about a destroyed, old, or burnt crest suggests that you will be in conflict with someone in your immediate surroundings who holds power. Eventually, you will realize that you have the right to make decisions independently.

What does drawing a crest in a dream mean?

A dream in which you draw a crest signifies that for the first time in your life, you will feel genuine envy. You will realize that someone you have encountered in the past has achieved much more than you. The rivalry you start will not work out well for you. So, try to recognize what you have in life and appreciate it, as it may help you ward off negative energy.

What significance does dreaming about a crest have in other cultures?

According to various cultural symbolisms, a crest represents heritage, power, dominance, and honor. In a negative context, it portends bad news. It is also possible that you will face many battles in your life, the outcome of which will not be favorable to you. Your bad behavior may cost you dearly.

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