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    The appearance of a crest in a dream portends a quarrel with a sibling or with a family member. .
    to see - you will make fruitless efforts
    to comb with it - you need time to organize your thoughts; you want to put it together all the pieces of the puzzle so that a certain situation or relationship becomes clear to you
    an old, worn-out crest - you feel anxious about your own appearance
    with with your hair - you will get an offer that may not seem like a dream come true, but it will help you regain a sense of independence
    dirty - do not give in to pressure, because you will be bad for it
    to lose - get more originality because others may endanger your position
    to buy - sleep urges you to put your life in order
    broken comb - lack of self-confidence people will ignore you
    jagged crest - start to defend your opinion.

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