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Crescent in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Crescent is part of the cyclical nature of the earth and sky, it usually helps a person to gain knowledge about whether we are on the right path in life or we need to return from a path we have already deviated from. In many pagan cultures, the moon was worshiped for its ability to cast a bright light in the dark. The crescent is very often associated with the female side of nature, fertility, wisdom and intuition. Sleep can also be associated with new ones. beginning and chapters in the dreamer's life.
    the crescent moon view - is an admonition to follow your intuition and work hard on your goals
    crescent moon in strange place - means that the twist in your life will unexpectedly change
    crescent moon in the painting - announces that your difficult situation will soon change when you step by step others will start to notice your progress
    see him live - you will return to the natural cycle of your life, all bad changes will finally turn for the better
    if a woman sees it - a sign for the dreamer that he is on the right path to work out common compromises in a partnership.

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