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Creeper in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A creeper in a dream symbolizes the determination to fight, especially if during sleep we are accompanied by positive feelings, while if the dream has a negative overtone then the dream has the opposite effect meaning and portends stagnation and vegetation.
    vines view - someone will put obstacles on your way to the desired goal
    pruning the creeper - means that in one aspect you will have an advantage over others
    cutting it - it means that you are controlling or even suppressing your growing cravings
    planting vines - usually reflects the enthusiasm sprouting in you that will soon push you to work
    watering it - a sign that your excessive ambitions will prevent you from making the right decisions in your life
    wrapping it around - means that you will lose your confidence and your actions will depend on orażka
    flowering climber - announces that new possibilities will appear before you.

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