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Cotton in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The cotton dream refers to a certain matter in which you act recklessly or in some way complicated. You may be following the wrong priorities in your life.
    Buying cotton portends you in a dream a renovation that will bring you a lot of fun.
    Dreaming cotton spinning means you will discover the cause of your fears and anxieties.
    According to the dream book, wearing cotton clothes is a warning against dishonest intentions of people around you.
    Cotton sewing indicates your rich social life in dreams, perhaps you will soon organize a party.
    The dream interpretation says that working in a cotton factory heralds the advent of difficult times.
    Sewing a dress from cotton is a dream sign of prosperity and a harbinger of the fulfillment of the innermost desires.
    Cotton thread is, according to the dream book, a harbinger of repairing a romantic relationship or a sign of a broken heart.
    Blood-stained cotton foretells in your dreams that a stranger will ask you for a loan.
    Pure cotton in a dream portends you to get an additional injection of cash.
    Dirty cotton means you'll spend a lot of money recklessly.

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