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Cord in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream cord is a harbinger of the upcoming perturbations in life. You will manage to straighten out what was complicated and convoluted so far. it will regain its former splendor.
    view of the cable - it is a sign that in one aspect you will not stop at anything, thanks to which you will gain a greater reputation in your immediate surroundings
    straightening the cable - it may have unpleasant consequences for the dreamer
    electric cable - is a harbinger of life's tensions and conflicts
    long cord - promises a life full of challenges, but it will not be free from worries
    endless cord - your complicated relationship with a certain man will finally have a positive end
    short wire - you will quickly encounter obstacles that will take away your enthusiasm to continue fighting for yours means that someone will introduce unnecessary chaos into your life or cause an unnecessary storm
    protruding wire - in a dream it shows that you are afraid of the inevitable, although you know that there is nothing wrong with you
    old or rusty wire - it can be interpreted as an omen of a negative attitude towards life.

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