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Computer in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Symbolizes technology, information and life in the age of globalization. A door to new possibilities opens up for you. Alternatively, the computer means no emotion or commitment to a certain issue. Reads it. it is also used as our way of thinking, creativity and information. What we do or see on the computer reflects the things that are most important to us in life. Perhaps you see in your subconscious a way to solve a problem that bothers you or you find an additional source of motivation for your own development.
    working at the computer - your commitment will soon be noticed
    not knowing how to operate the computer - you will be assigned a task, that will overwhelm you
    play on the computer - you are trying to escape from responsibility or burden of duties
    buy - you follow fashionable too often in your life without directing the current your own opinions and views
    get a computer - a sign that you will be entrusted with additional duties
    broken - someone will make you regret or regret
    to have a new one - you will offend someone with your sense of superiority
    a virused computer - you feel overwhelmed by the you are at the mercy of another man.

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