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Coma in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The coma in your dream symbolizes a blockage that keeps you from entering the next stage of your life. Perhaps in your professional life you find yourself in a stalemate, which means that you are not able to implement your professional plans. The dream interpretation says that a coma is also a warning against stagnation in life, it can also be a sign of a break in your personal or professional life, and also indicate the need for contemplation and relaxation.

Detailed meaning of COMA dream

    If you dream that you are in a coma, it means that you are not getting enough support from your friends and family and that you are not coping with your problems.
    Dreaming of waking up from a coma is a sign of regaining control of your life and resolving the problems that are plaguing you.
    If your friend is in a coma, such a dream indicates that you will be left alone with your problems and no one will give you help or support in a timely manner.
    If you see someone in a coma, such a dream indicates a loss of trust of a loved one, it is also a sign that you should get rid of negative attitudes towards certain people in your social circle as soon as possible.
    If you dream that a person is close to you in a coma, such a dream foretells a lack of success in financial matters. Consider, you may not be critical of your budget.

Coma in the mystical dream book:

    Dreaming about coma is a sign of losing control of important aspects of your own life, and it can also be an expression of insecurity.

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