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Colleague in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    You feel lonely or want to rest away from other people's eyesight. You are waiting for a longer celebration with friends. Someone will give you a great idea for what in the near future you will implement new resolutions. If everything goes according to plan, your actions will bring lasting results and also significant financial benefits in the future. Do not hesitate to start fulfilling your dreams and make the person who gives you good advice your main advisor.
    to see a friend - friends at odds will reconcile
    to talk to him - someone will unexpectedly share their own experiences with you, which will turn out to be very precious
    see him - it's high time to tell someone your plans and feelings
    go on a trip with him - beneficial development events will make some things finally happy ending
    goodbye my friend - do not wait for someone to arrange an important issue for you, do it yourself
    a deceased colleague - problems and sorrows will stay under your roof
    have sex with him - your streak will not leave you; there will be small glitches, but everything will return to normal
    argue with him - a friend will inadvertently disrupt your plans
    thank him for something - you will get infected with optimism from someone and take the chance that you will get from fate
    to see a friend after many years - someone who proves to be a great support will fascinate you with something unknown to you so far
    classmate - someone will cheer you up and persuade you to fight effectively
    help your friend - show kindness and understanding what you will get an unexpected reward for.
    to be jealous of your friend - a good fortune will make you able to count on success in every job you undertake
    have sex with a friend - quarrel in a relationship.

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