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Coin in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of coins is often associated with the enormous success that we are having in our working life. Sometimes coins indicate key points that we may have overlooked or overlooked for some reason consciously ignore In a negative sense, coins express irrational thoughts or behavior that can lead to serious financial or emotional loss.
    see - you will miss or misuse the chance you receive from fate
    toss a coin - represents randomness in decisions made, can also mean shirking responsibility for decisions or actions taken
    toss a coin into the river or into the well - you will start making hasty decisions
    mint coins - you will not stay in one place anymore
    have coins - your life will not be happy
    give away coins - via n irresponsible behavior you will cause many problems
    accept coins - financial problems ahead
    find coins - you can easily adapt to new circumstances in life
    collect coins - you will experience an amazing adventure
    watch many different coins - you become an authority in an important field
    pile of stacked coins - symbolizes male strength, domination and energy
    counterfeit coins - a dream foreshadows serious problems
    old coin - means old goals or desire that we should reconsider and maybe achieve
    gold coins - they testify to your desire better spiritual understanding
    silver - you will encounter great adversities in life, which will indicate your sluggishness or passivity
    copper - a very auspicious sign of mental or physical healing, perhaps you are struggling with a stress-related illness that you can overcome
    nickel - you will have additional responsibilities
    foreign or foreign coins - you will succeed at the expense of someone else's work.

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