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Clock in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The clock in your sleep highlights the passing time; perhaps there is a special moment in your life where you will need to speed up your actions a bit.
    see - you will start to worry about passing
    look at the clock - you will find yourself in a critical position, your next decision may depend on your life
    not working - a sign of serious illness or even death, a dream also indicates that it is not a good time to change
    stop the clock - the dream reflects the end of some stage in your life
    set it - the rush of the smallest duties will force you to change your attitude towards a certain matter
    hear its strokes - you will successfully complete an important endeavor
    look nervously at the clock - you will run out of patience to achieve your goals
    sundial ny - unfortunately, you are not able to experience quick success
    on the tower - you will stand at a crossroads and you will have to make important decisions
    clock in the market square or in the town hall - it will take a long time to convince someone
    pocket clock - a reminder of important promises and obligations
    station house - represents life in a constant rush and indicates the need to rest
    pendulum clock - some minor adversities await you
    wall - believe in your own judgment, because you are right
    digital - you will be in the right place at the right time and it will only be up to you whether to use when the opportunity arises
    alarm clock - a dream signals that you need to be more aware of what is happening around you
    golden clock - warns against cheaters stami or illusory hopes
    with a bracelet - you will achieve great success in life
    See also the meaning of dream Watch.

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