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Cider in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cider in the symbolism of dreams means health balance and is associated with positive experiences in life.
    cider view - is a harbinger that you will make the right decision on some point, whether it is about your own health or other life decisions
    dark cider - it usually means that if you choose education over your daily work, your life may be upside down
    cider in a bottle - heralds that in your love life you can expect many different contradictions
    cider in a barrel - a sign that instead of taking responsibility for your actions, you unnecessarily leave this burden to others
    drinking cider - means that you will focus now on your health and well-being
    making cider - a sign that you will make an important choice about your health
    giving someone cyd ru - in the near future you will change something in your life, maybe you will start applying for a new job, moving to a new house or starting a new relationship
    drinking cider in moderation - a sign that positive changes are coming in your life
    spoiled cider - a sign that you will realize that each choice has its advantages and disadvantages
    getting drunk with cider - is an admonition that when making any life decisions, it is better to think about their consequences first.

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