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Christmas tree in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A Christmas tree that appears in a dream is interpreted as an announcement of the upcoming stressful situation at home. The dream is also a reflection of time, self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment. it is also a symbol of longing for the happiness of home and pleasant family memories. If Christmas is approaching, it is worth considering whether we are not too involved in preparing them or, on the contrary, whether we devote enough time to the upcoming events.
    see - a symbol of a family celebration and family relationships
    to see or wear a Christmas tree in December - the growing obligations related to Christmas time will take its toll
    see the presents under the Christmas tree - waiting for pleasures
    eat Christmas dinner with her - a promise to end family conflicts
    big Christmas tree - your life e will change for the better, worries and persecutions will disappear
    little Christmas tree - you will build your happiness in small steps
    enter the Christmas tree - thanks to the lucky coincidence of events you will stabilize your life again
    cut the top of the Christmas tree - be careful not to get involved in shady business
    see fallen spikes under the Christmas tree - if they are green - happiness; if they are dry - you will regret that you did not take advantage of the opportunity given to you in time, because the second time it will not happen again
    a dry Christmas tree - you will face worries and failures
    cut the Christmas tree - you will have to make an important choice in life
    buy a Christmas tree - you will get involved in family matters, which will involve with pleasant chores
    smell the Christmas tree - someone will touch your life with a new spirit, thanks to which your life will become more colorful.

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