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Christmas Eve in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Christmas Eve in dreams symbolizes the warmth of the hearth, reconciliation and joy. It is a day when all adversities attract and people become nice to each other and reconcile with your enemies.
    see - you will forget about all the adversities that prevented you from looking into the future calmly
    to set up the Christmas table - you reconcile with the man with whom you have been arguing for a long time
    to be at Christmas Eve with your family - your relatives will visit you
    to spend it alone - you will forget about the anger caused by your neighbor
    accept a stranger on Christmas Eve - you will establish an excellent relationship with a man you didn't know much about until now
    wait for her - you will take part in joyful celebrations
    break the wafer on Christmas Eve - thanks to good deeds your fate will be on your side
    prepare Christmas Eve dishes - new opportunities will appear in your life
    to be on Christmas Eve with strangers - you will appear in social circles.

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