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Chochlik in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Chochlik in a dream is an announcement that your actions may bring you the same problems and even suffering. Sleep can herald losses and disputes.
    Imp is a powerful symbol that most often refers to exclusion, it is also a sign of carefree life or unexpected happiness.
    sight of a pixie - it is a harbinger of upcoming changes or quarrels
    if you are an imp - because of the unusual ideas that you wanted to put into practice you will be humiliated or rejected by people from your immediate vicinity
    if you are afraid of him - your plans will badly affect your relationship with other people
    imp's children - they are a sign of changes that will make you unhappy and that can make you suffer
    many imps - is an announcement that your inappropriate behavior may in the future against you bring you bad luck
    if someone turns into an imp - a dream may mean that in some area you will fail or suffer some losses
    if you give birth to it - a dream is a sign that you will be humiliated by someone or it is a harbinger of failures in the current plans
    killing or death of an imp - a sign that that you will run into inconveniences in your life created by your enemies.

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