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Chimney in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    We read it as a symbol of pleasure and entertainment. Sleep is a reminder that in life you should enjoy the moment and live carefree. The chimney also represents the male member and indicates our sexual needs. It also symbolizes warmth, tradition and family values.
    see - your current life will change for the better and you will finally appreciate family ties
    smoking - bodes unbalanced sexual relations
    smoke free - means sexual tension or needs
    collapsing - may be impotence
    sweep it - you need to free yourself from bad thoughts or guilt that you hide
    clean chimney - a dream foretells prosperity and happiness
    chimney without fire - you will face unpleasantness that you will deal with quickly
    burning fire on the fireplace - se n symbolizes burnt desires
    fireplace with fire - symbolizes contentment, warmth and comfort.

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