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Child in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A child in a dream is a symbol of innocence, purity, simplicity and a carefree attitude. Sleep is a sign of the complex relationship between humans and the world around them. The interpretation of dreams in which children appear is very extensive and varied, so it cannot be assigned one common meaning. According to the dream book, a child is the personification of new opportunities and life chances. It often expresses a conflict between what is children's - that is, fanciful, and what is adult - that is, real. You are trying to get away from everyday responsibility. You are looking for someone in life who will cover, protect and care for you throughout your life. The dream child may also represent some real-life person, such as a coworker, partner or sibling.

The meaning of dream: CHILD

    A child at birth for a dreaming man portends parting with a woman; and for a woman, it announces the desire to be a parent; for the poor, improving the current situation; foretells bad omen for the rich; hope for emigrants to return to Poland.
    If you are a child, according to the dream book, you feel the burden of adulthood on your shoulders, for which you are not ready yet. You are trying to get away from everyday duties that are difficult for you to carry out as before.
    An abandoned child is a sign that you will find yourself in a situation with no solution only because of your own fault, fortunately only someone close to you will help you in time.
    A playing child in a dream augurs well-being in life and taking up successful ventures in the near future.
    When you see your own child playing with other children, you can expect to happily fulfill all your plans and finally be able to spend more time on family matters.
    If you are separated from your child, then the dream book states that the lack of success in your personal efforts or failure in your private life will have an impact on your relationships with children.
    A dream in which you see your own child is a good harbinger of joy and happiness. This is a sign that you will face new responsibilities in your life, which, as a consequence, will bring you a lot of satisfaction
    The newborn baby announces a new stage in life, it foretells new chances and possibilities.
    A baby in the womb is a sign that you are looking for a safe haven in life, away from life's worries and troubles, perhaps you are tired of your everyday life and you should finally think about a blissful rest.
    A baby in a dream is a good sign, especially for a mother planning to conceive a child.
    If you lose your baby, dream usually means you lose hope; the actions you take will not take effect and the person you were counting on will turn their backs on you. When you wake up, such a dream may seem like a prophetic dream, but don't worry as it has nothing to do with reality.
    A small and skinny child foretells trouble and concern in the near future.
    According to the dream book, a large and fat child heralds an increase in income and a prosperous life.
    A healthy child foretells in his dreams that you will take up new challenges that will make you triumph in your life.
    A sick child is a sign that you are constantly performing duties that you do not like to do, start to enjoy life at last and do what you love, without thinking about the consequences of your actions.
    A bad, capricious child appearing in dreams means that you continue to display childish views and habits. Alternatively, a dream reflects that your current problems are constantly getting out of your control.
    A sleeping child in the dream book means that thanks to the presence and support of another person, you will get joy and satisfaction in life.
    A crying, sick, screaming or falling child is a sign of stagnation in business and unsuccessful business ventures.
    The baptism of a child in dreams highlights how closely you have a strong connection with faith and religion. It will soon have a significant impact on your inner spiritual life.
    A drowning child is a sign that you will experience disappointment again at the false promises of a loved one.
    When you see a child out of wedlock, it is a sign that joy and satisfaction with life will once again enter your heart.
    When you are an illegitimate child, it means that you have to pull yourself together and end some unresolved issues that still interfere with the meaning of your existence.
    A child speaking immediately after giving birth announces in the dream book that an unforeseen situation will make your life difficult again. You will have to change your plans anew in order to be on time with everything.
    In dreams, bringing up your child's child is a harbinger of numerous changes. You will enter a new path in your life, which will turn out to be innovative and very interesting over time.
    A child in the womb promises an improvement in fate on many levels of life.
    A child climbing a ladder as interpreted in the dream book means that you will achieve success in small steps and you will reach the top in time.
    A falling child is a sign that you will lose your innocence and feel the weight of adulthood.
    A child locked in a room with a key means that you focus too much on the details of a certain matter and ignore important facts, you have to change your priorities and focus on what is most important to you in life.
    A happy child promises a joyful and free life without any obstacles or worries.
    The dream interpretation says that a sad or unhappy child is a sign that you will be unfairly judged by your loved ones.
    When you act like a child, then a dream means that after a long time you will try to fulfill your pent-up desires and former hopes.
    Meeting a child tells you that you will meet a person in your life who will be worth fighting for.
    Looking for a baby means that you will think back to your childhood days and you will miss your past.
    Saving a child means that you will try to save yourself from destruction, self-destruction.
    Finding a missing child is a sign that you will support a good cause in the near future, and you will feel great satisfaction.
    A dying child foretells in his dreams that you will suffer severe loss or experience unpleasant changes in some aspect of your life.

Dream interpretation - being a child (in the case of adults)

    You refrain from achieving an important goal. You work little on yourself and still live in a fantasy world instead of becoming mentally an adult. You cannot decide to make a major change in your life. If you want to cross the line between being a child and becoming an adult, you need to change your behavior, which still inhibits your development.

Dream interpretation - the birth of a child

    Dream is a sign of longing for childhood or a lost relationship. If you suddenly become a parent in a dream, then prepare yourself for a major change in your life. Perhaps you think that certain events in your life are happening too fast and you dream about slowing down for a moment. The run you have imposed on yourself in your life (at work, at school, in your new relationship) is too intense, so your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to take a break for a while. The dream of the birth of a child can also appear in the dreams of women who are eagerly awaiting the birth of their own offspring.

Dream interpretation - missing child

    The dream of a missing child indicates its own hidden fears and anxieties. Many difficult experiences have made you feel lost in life. If you do not distance yourself from certain things, your future will surely not be all roses. If in a dream you are a missing child yourself, then it means that you miss the times of your own youth. Perhaps you feel lonely and miss out on socializing. Try to forget about your responsibilities for a moment, slow down a bit and finally start enjoying life. If in your real world you have changed just to fit in with other people around you, then deep down you can feel like a very unhappy person who cannot do what he wants to do.

Dream interpretation - deceased child

    Dreaming of a deceased child indicates a general fear of being a parent and going into a new phase of life. You are burned out of looking after your children or feel like you are spending too little time with them. Sleep can reflect your fear of losing something important in your life. It is also an expression of the loss that must be suffered in order to get something better from life. Instead of blaming yourself for past mistakes, better look at life from a positive perspective and you will become stronger than ever before.

The importance of dream

    The dream of adopting a child is a symbol of loyalty, friendship and unconditional love. It represents new beginnings, a change in mindset, and a reduction in vulnerability to external threats. You need someone to melt the ice around your heart and make you stop being a lone wolf. You are ready to take on a lot of responsibility in life.
    If you are a man and you are dreaming of adopting a child, the dream means that you fear emotional intimacy. and if you are a woman, your personal situation will soon change. Adopting a newborn baby means that in the near future you will meet someone you would never expect in your life. If you adopt a boy in a dream, then the dream expresses a desire to acquire new skills and overcome the difficulties that will stand in your way to your goal. Adopting a girl in a dream reflects the inner desires to have a child. If you are the adopted child, sleep means a desire to change and a desire to become a better person. The adoption of twins promises that you will learn in life how to be a born winner and a leader. You will also learn how to most easily accept failure in life. Difficulties and failures will be like bricks for you that will help you achieve even greater victories in life.

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