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Cheater in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream should be read in the opposite way than the events that took place in it; if you expect honesty in life - watch out for cheaters and be careful; and when someone cheats you in a dream - then expect honesty from people. A fraudster appearing in a dream is most often an expression of human weakness and low self-esteem. Perhaps you are afraid to tell someone the truth because you think that it may be painful or embarrassing for him.
    see the cheater - you will try to hide some mistake or lie from someone
    catch the cheater - you will pretend that everything is fine, although in in reality, however, things will be quite the opposite
    chase him - admit to someone that you have made mistakes from the past
    point to him - your words will severely hurt the other person
    to be caught cheating - someone very awistful is only waiting for you to trip.

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