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    A chair symbolizes the need to rest as well as inactivity and passivity. Perhaps you are insufficiently involved in your obligations or you invariably refuse to cooperate with someone.
    see them - you need time to think about the current situation and take further action
    sit on it - you need to open up to listening to other people and carefully observe exactly what they want to convey to you
    fall off the chair - you feel too confident or at ease, which is why you are unable to complete any of your life goals
    broken - someone will disturb the peace in your family
    a beautiful chair resembling a throne - you will gain the honorable position
    electric chair - your life will change drastically; a dream can also represent feelings of guilt or regret
    old - don't forget about the family tradition cji
    foldable - you will quickly adapt to the changes
    chair with handrails - you will find peace and harmony in your life.

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