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Chain in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Symbol of enslavement, imprisonment and constraint. Chains can indicate a feeling of being controlled or unable to oppose someone. They can also indicate a deliberate limitation or inhibition of one's own development Alternatively, they indicate a problem that torments us, which we do not want to tell anyone.
    see - you will free yourself from routine, old ideas or uncomfortable relationships
    to be chained - a future full of worries
    to be chained to an object - you will have to show enormous strength and determination to free yourself from the surrounding a world full of regret and bitterness
    chained to another person - if you get the support of other people, you will have a better chance of getting rid of negative attitudes towards life; however, if the person with whom you are chained is malicious or cynical then the dream indicates that that you rely too much on other people
    break up - thanks to your energy you will attract the attention of those around you
    get the chain - sleep can be an incentive to get more involved in activities that will bring you high profits soon; for wealthy people it is a very bad prognosis
    to see people chained - your contacts with friends will worsen
    bind him - you will be surrounded by insincere and deceitful people
    prison chains - they indicate your unrealistic desires or are a harbinger of unexpected difficulties
    bear - your pride and reluctance to ask for help will cause difficulties
    iron - reflects your own limitations or someone around you
    tangled - you will experience loneliness
    golden - overestimate your own abilities
    hear the buzzing chain - bad news will have an impact on your future
    receive a chain of gold as a gift - someone straightforward will tell you his feelings.

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