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Caviar in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Caviar in a dream shows your exquisite taste, unpretentiousness and even arrogance. It is possible that you like to radiate your wealth, often allowing yourself something special that for most people is beyond their financial means. This behavior may be associated with a sense of victory that deserves the best.

Eating caviar in a dream means that you enjoy high social status and like to exude it. It is also a very successful sign indicating an overall improvement in your financial situation.

When you see someone eating caviar in your dream, such a dream means that you will find yourself in a company that you will not fit in with.

If in a dream you buy caviar, such a dream means that you envy someone. Usually, this type of dream is not about material things, but about qualities such as beauty, refinement, or certain skills. You know that achieving what you want is very difficult for you, if at all possible, and hence the feeling. After all, the forbidden fruit tastes best.

Feeding someone with caviar portends in dreams that a loved one is sick. It is unlikely to be anything serious, but it will cause you a lot of worry and many sleepless nights.

Caviar in the mystical dream book:

A dream about caviar most often symbolizes remorse. Perhaps you feel guilty that you had the opportunity to help someone and you did not do it, or you wonder what you might have done differently in one situation.

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