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Carnation in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Carnation in a dream is most often interpreted as a symbol of friendship. The color of carnations denotes individual character traits: green symbolizes a pleasant and cheerful attitude to life; red - dynamism and vigor ; blue - truthfulness; yellow - cloudy; white - charity; black - inaccessibility and gloom.
    to see flowering carnations - true friends will help you in need
    get carnations from someone - it looks like you will be able to implement your plans
    give somebody carnations - you will achieve what you have been striving for a long time
    pick cloves - only honestly keep your friend with you
    smell the cloves - you will have unpleasant memories
    wilted carnations - relations with a friend will change for the worse
    white carnations - for friendship you are ready sacrifice
    yellow or black carnation - a dream indicates the emergence of problems in relations with a friend
    red or green - is a testimony great friendship.

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