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Cargo in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cargo in dreams is usually associated with several elements related to travel and transport. Moreover, cargo may refer to the luggage that we have to carry in our lives. A dream about a charge can include very deep, traumatic and emotional past events.
    explosive - heralds a future full of emotions and impressions, in another sense it is a harbinger of very disturbing events in the dreamer's life
    cargo left - you will forget about an important meeting or you will miss important facts in some important matter
    transporting cargo - it is a sign that instead of facing certain events from the past, you are still trying to run away from them
    carrying a load - it promises a period of hard work, finally you will feel that you are needed by someone and yours actions will be very useful
    forgotten cargo - a sign that you are hiding traumatic experiences from the past that will soon see the light of day, think about talking to someone to make you feel better
    big - is announcement of financial profits and successful projects
    small load - means that an attempt to start a certain job will fail for you
    damaged - usually announces to the dreamer that he will lose his previous experience
    cargo on board the plane - may be a sign of uncertainty in making some life decisions
    cargo left in a strange place - means that not paying attention to a certain matter will bring you a lot of shame
    electric charge - you will have a short circuit with a man who has remained in your shadow for a long time
    if the cargo is close to you - it is a sign that you needlessly keep coming back future instead of worrying about your own future.

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