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Cards in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Cards symbolize a desire to earn a quick income or be overwhelmed by optimism. Moreover, they can be a warning against wasting time. They are also a sign of wealth and materialism and happiness in love.
    to see - increase your fortune
    to see the cards lying on the table - in some matters it may be worth trusting your own fate
    play - you will face various problems
    play alone - sleep warns against a cheater
    shuffle cards - you will once again face a life choice
    gamble cards - the problems will not go away by themselves, you have to face what causes the most difficulties in your life
    to win a game of cards - an announcement of a severe conflict, the consequences of which will turn out to be small
    losing at cards - someone will stand on your the way to happiness
    arrange cards - you will receive disturbing news
    fortune-telling from cards - promises an improvement in fate
    diamonds and spades - you will experience disappointment.
    king in cards - symbol of a compassionate man
    lady - a dream bodes happiness in love
    hearts - faithful friends will appear on your way
    clubs - jealousy will creep into your relationship unexpectedly.

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