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Car park in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The appearance of a car park lot in a dream expresses the need to depart from the usual patterns in life and take new activities on a larger scale than before. Perhaps in real life you have big problem with finding a free parking space in the place where you live.
    to be in the car park lot - sleep reflects a desire to settle down, alternatively it can indicate satisfaction with life
    get lost in the car park lot - you will start to struggle with professional problems, alternatively sleep warns you against the appearance of disturbances in your relationship with an important person
    you cannot find the parking lot - the loss of the right direction in life will be your undoing
    see an accident in the parking lot - in the coming days you should be careful, especially when driving
    be a valet - you usually only think about yourself if you have one that's why you start helping others
    fall asleep in the car in the parking lot - sleep indicates the need to rest and relax
    see the parking meter - carefree days will soon pass and you will have to decide what to do next with your life
    parking ticket - not without reason you will start to feel lonely and your actions will be subject to constant criticism
    full parking - you have a routine in your life, maybe you should consider taking a different road than the current one.

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