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Candlestick in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Candlestick in a dream symbolizes hope, wealth, it is also an announcement of a bright future. It is synonymous with spiritual renewal and rebirth.
    when you see the candlestick - a new spark of hope will finally appear in your life that will shine on you for a long time
    magnificent candlestick - your heart will beat faster when you rest from unwanted worries and unforeseen hardships
    get it as a gift - a certain person will reveal your eyes and you will discover a very interesting track of a profitable enterprise
    candlestick on the altar - is a harbinger of very sublime events and circumstances
    if candles are lit on the candlestick - you can expect a lucky star to shine your dream, because your dream is a symbol of hope and new perspectives
    candlestick without candles - this is a harbinger of adventures for joyful events
    if no candle is lit on the candlestick - it means that you will miss all difficult matters
    candlestick with old candles - it bodes stressful and nervous situations, which should always be perceived as an alarm signal for the future.
    candlestick with a new candle - promises relaxation and a nice time without any worries and worries
    new candlestick - announces the acquisition of new skills and experiences that will allow the dreamer to survive a difficult period in life
    buying a candlestick - if you plan take new initiatives well so that you can catch your breath
    putting a candlestick on the table - heralds a hot period in family life.

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