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Cancer (disease) in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    This is a bad sign of a breakup, illness, loss of happiness, or a failed investment. Sleep can also indicate some disturbing events in your life Perhaps you are worried about the state of your health or that of someone in your family. Uncertainty in life causes you to lose ground and time runs out of your fingers. Sleep can also be related to the aging process, which deprives people of their vitality and energy. will to live. Worried about your future, which at the moment is not very positive. Cancer in a dream can also reflect real events that are taking place in your life.
    have - you are consumed by the feeling that life is hopeless, fortunately such a state will pass quickly
    to die of cancer - many moments of sadness and self-pity ahead of you, in retrospect this period will be completely lost to you
    to see a person suffering from cancer - you have to change your approach to the world around you because you won't be able to hold out like that for a long time
    if a loved one is sick - a family announcement a conflict that will make you suffer a lot
    to be healed - you will undergo a positive change that will bring you complete relief from suffering
    treat someone with cancer - a certain person will torment you with constant questions or inundate you with unusual demands
    be healed - your social position will improve considerably quickly.

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