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Canary in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Canary symbolizes happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Alternatively, it can indicate a desire for closeness or symbolizes a relationship that is just blooming. In a negative sense, a canary can be a sign of recklessness or carelessness in life.
    see - you will find happiness and harmony in life
    singing canary - great news awaits you
    feed the canary - it is a reminder that happiness is not given to us once and for all and should be cared for
    flying canary - do not be fooled by appearances, because they can turn your life upside down
    sick canary - because of the last adventures of life you slowly lose the last of hope > dead canary - you feel that fate is constantly putting you to the test, so you have a grudge against everyone around you.

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