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Camp in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sleep means the need to relax after hard work. You want to be closer to nature, you want to go back to the moments when life was much more simple and pleasant for you. You lack a sense of belonging to a certain group, at the same time you want to be independent from others and even self-sufficient. In some situations, the camp can symbolize confusion and human powerlessness.
    to see the camp - you will soon find out what it's loneliness
    set up a camp - an event will make you reflect on your life so far and maybe you will decide to make the necessary changes
    pitch a tent at the camp - you can't wait for the desired trip
    return from the camp - your trip will end with a success that you will celebrate with your loved ones
    go to a camp - in a short time you will be waiting a lot a lot of changes
    military - someone will require a lot of discipline from you so you will start living under a lot of pressure
    youth - you will make interesting acquaintances
    female - you will rightly suspect a certain person of cheating
    concentration camp - it will be a terrible time to make changes in your life.

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