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Bulimia in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Sleep can be an expression of your subconscious being trying to warn you of the dangers of your illness. Sleep is also a harbinger of unsuccessful efforts and arguments.
    if you suffer from bulimia in your sleep - this is a sign that you will start to blame your future
    if you are helping someone to cure bulimia - with for some reason you will feel regret and depressed
    if you see someone with bulimia - a sign that you are waiting for changes in your real life
    defeating bulimia - means that you will soon meet a person who will give you a lot of happiness and give your life a new meaning
    if you are a woman and you dream about bulimia - the dream announces incredible popularity with the opposite sex, you may soon meet your soul mate
    if you are a man you dream about her - you will meet a girl soon that will awaken passionate love and desire in you
    if you cannot cure yourself - it is a sign that you want to change the things in life that make you feel every day not very comfortable
    bulimia in a young woman - means the long-awaited rest.

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