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Brush in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A brush in a dream symbolizes the desire to put your life in order and get rid of problems that bite you. Sleep is a sign that you should straighten out all matters that may have a negative impact on our the future. The brush dream is also a sexual symbol.
    see the brush - if you let strangers interfere in your personal affairs you will be constantly on other people's tongues
    brush your hair with it - too recklessly and thoughtless approach to certain issues can only bring losses
    buy a brush - you will have many problems because of envious people
    wire brush - you will miss a detail that will prevent you from making progress in life
    shoebrush - you will be mistreated by a man who you have devoted a lot of precious time to your life
    toothbrush - you will be very emotionally unstable, fortunately for you someone will discipline you quickly
    clothes brush - one thing will absorb you so much that you will throw away your current plans for her
    a nail brush - someone very envious will disturb your normal lifestyle
    to clean the floor with it - new professional challenges will restore hope for the implementation of old plans
    to see a few brushes - a dream foretells conflicts and emotional elation
    to sweep it - you will trust reckless people who will lead you out of the way.

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