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    A brother in a dream is a symbol of a close friend or partner, he also very often assumes a religious meaning related to spiritual problems.
    see the brother - a symbol of a relationship with a brother in life or a reminder of someone who while awake shows similar characteristics to his brother
    say goodbye to his brother - some extreme situation will show you that you can only count on yourself
    to greet your brother - a happy coincidence
    stepbrother or sister - to your anxiety and chaos will creep in your life
    to see your brother dying - your situation will worsen
    your brother's death - the end of a stage in your life and entering a new stage
    to see the dead - such a dream foretells a long life
    to see your brother's children - in your immediate environment they find people who are unfavorable to you
    brother's wife - you push your nose into your affairs unnecessarily.

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