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Broom in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The broom symbolizes simplicity and the willingness to start a household. It's time to put your past in order and solve old problems. Sleep can sometimes be a warning against false friends who They wish us badly. Broom is also a phallic symbol indicating neglect of one's own sexual needs.
    Brooms are also an attribute of witches, so in a dream they can refer to women who can dominate us.
    to see the broom - relationships with a certain person will become very unpleasant
    to see a woman with a broom in hand - you are an emotional person who cares about your relationship - your your partner will surely appreciate it
    to see a lot of brooms - get ready for another quarrel in the family
    to see someone sweep - a period of success ahead of you
    sweep with a broom - you will be able to overcome your problem
    put a broom in the corner - if you neglect your job it may end badly for you
    buy a broom - you will tell someone your story and you will regret it very much later.

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