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Bridge in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A bridge in a dream symbolizes an important decision that must be made in order to move on, and is also an announcement of a transition period in our lives. compromise in life.
    see the bridge - thanks to your own work you will be able to get ahead of random events that will soon happen in your life
    pass over the bridge - you will be faced with a difficult choice that will turn out to be a critical point in your life
    if the bridge is intact - making the right decision will bring positive changes that it will hide behind prosperity
    to see a few bridges - the dream indicates its own indecision, which may eventually become the cause of many tragedies
    bridge over water strong> - emotional changes will affect your judgment on some difficult issue
    neglected bridge - if you have important things to do better postpone them for later because it is not a good time to make changes in your life
    fall from the bridge into the water - a certain person will put up barriers that are difficult to overcome
    build it - if you come to terms with your fate, many happy moments await you in life
    new bridge - you will finally find a way to overcome your problems
    broken bridge - friend won't help you in time
    no bridge where it should be - sleep is a warning that there is nothing certain in life, therefore our actions should be thoughtful and justified
    collapsing old bridge - you will not be able to reach the summit you dream about
    cross the old and uncertain bridge - you will happily end a difficult period in your life
    fall over on the bridge - a dream bodes many stumbles in the interest ch
    wooden bridge - you will deal with a difficult undertaking that should have been completed a long time ago
    stone - a certain person only after years will keep his word for you
    concrete - the changes you make in your life will do you good
    metal - without much problem you will achieve wealth in your life
    swinging bridge - solve things as you see fit and they will turn out better than you think
    hanging - you'd better keep your own ideas for life secret, because someone might steal them and use them without your knowledge
    bridge leading to the castle - you will manage to implement an important project
    fall off the bridge - failed projects will destroy your plans for the future
    a very long bridge - you will start making progress in your life
    short - augurs regression in matters personal.

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